We have invited a stunning array of top guests from both overseas and here in the UK to attend the second ICE Brighton Special.

From rising stars to absolute legends, there is a writer or artist for every taste and every fanbase appearing at the expo.

Whether you love a bit of 2000ad, are a Marvel and DC fan or like to open your mind to the most cutting edge indy books we are proud to present comic creators at the top of their game, all looking forward to meeting you and sketching and signing for you.


Hope For the Future – Art by Jimmy Broxton

Guy began his career in comics working with Liam Sharp at Madefire, he and artist Jimmy Broxton developed The Engine, a motion book alternate history of oppression, giant robots and lots and lots of snow.

Also with Broxton, he co-created Goldtiger, a book that details the creation of a 1960s newspaper strip that never actually existed. Though does now.

He works extensively for Rebellion/2000ad, writing Rogue Trooper and Voodoo Planet as well as retooling Grant Morrison’s Ulysses Sweet – Maniac for Hire alongside artist Paul Marshall. He is currently writing Max Normal and the ongoing adventures of Hope, the occult noir series he, again, co-created with Jimmy Broxton.



Carla was born in Madrid, where she studied illustration and graphic design.

She has written reviews of comics in the Guía del Cómic and also contributed to the radio programme of the Fine Arts Circle in Madrid on the same theme.

In 2004, Recerca Éditorial published her first pulp-theme work, Hire, el terrible vampiro samurai, written by Daniel Hartwell. In 2005, in collaboration with Jason DeGroot, she published Mad Trio for the same publishing house. In 2006, her firsts stories with her own script and drawings were published in the Quatroccento monographs, edited by Jorge Iván Argiz at the Dolmen publishing house. Following a creative break, she worked on small compi- lations such as Nariz, Dos Veces Breve and Reyes X.

2011 saw the publication of her first graphic novel El Brujo (De ponent). The second, Epigrafías (Libros de Autoengaño 2016)

She has worked on many different publications such as Hundlebert Syndrome, Revista Fierro, Quimera, Monográfico and Nobrow. She coordinated and participated in the collective work Todas Putas: los cuentos gráficos (Dibbuks, 2014).

She works in her own design studio, and teaches workshops on comics and graphic novels in various institutions. She is also a comic artist for several different publications and an illustrator for countless advertising agencies and publishing houses.


Hannah Berry

Taking over from Charlie Adlard as the new UK Comics Laureate we are very proud to be welcoming Hannah back to ICE Brighton as our guest.

Hannah is a comics creator, writer, illustrator and podcaster and author of the acclaimed media satire Livestock and other great graphic novels with Jonathan Cape after Adamtine and Britten & Brülightly, which was translated into four different languages and chosen as part of the official selection at Angoulême in 2010. She does a weekly cartoon strip for the New Statesman, worked on a section of the collaborative dystopian graphic novel IDP:2043 with Pat Mills, and is one half of the podcast No YOU Hang Up. She has taken part in festivals and exhibitions around the world and has produced comics for numerous publications including, most recently, 2000AD.

Here’s what some people you may have heard of said about Hannah’s new book  “Livestock” published by Johnathan Cape:

livestock-cover“As sharp and scathing as The Thick Of It, Hannah Berry’s third graphic novel takes a savage axe to the rot at the corporatised, spin-doctored, amoral heart of British democracy. The result is stunning, gripping and terrifyingly truthful. It is also very, very funny.” – Neel Mukherjee

“Engaging and timely, a rich brew of celebrity, menace, media-spin and human cloning.” – Posy Simmonds

“Uneducated, pliant, easy to control – that’s how our rulers want us. But in Hannah Berry’s dark tale of celebrity and corporate greed, the people have other ideas. A parable for the Trump era.” – Paul Mason

“A savage and satirical read.” – Pat Mills

“As sharp as Taylor Swift’s marketing team, Berry slices through the info-celeb news nexus. Bloody funny, incredibly astute.” – Denise Mina


dans webphoto

It’s always very satisfying to see an artist develop from the Indy scene and make it into professional comics
Dan Cornwell did just that and is now best known for co-creating Rok of the Reds with John Wagner and Alan Grant and his work for 2000AD including Judge Dredd, Judge Fear and Terror Tales.
Dan is a local hero. living just outside Brighton with his wife and cat, he’s currently working on many projects including Judge Dredd and the anticipated second season of Rok.
We are delighted to be welcoming Dan to ICE Brighton as our guest. Be sure to stop by his table and treat yourself to a sketch from this rising star artist.




Multi Award winning British artist Glenn Fabry, famous for his stunning cover art on titles such as Preacher as Hellblazer needs no introduction.

The Young Glenn Fabry left school early to study illustration at Twickenham Art College, He gained his first professionally published work at the tender age of 15 with a strip called “Jackinblack” in ‘Strangled’, the Stranglers fan club magazine.

In 1984 he was given his first work at 2000ad by Pat Mills thanks to a recommendation by Bryan Talbot on the now legendary ‘Slaine’ series following Mike McMahon, which he remembers as a daunting prospect. However he soon impressed fans with his dynamic page design and strong detailed drawing style.

Throughout the 90’s and 2000’s he produced hundreds of iconic cover paintings for 2000ad, DC Comics, Marvel and Vertigo, plus many others.

He remains one of the most sought after artists in the industry and we are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming Glenn for his second ICE appearance in Brighton.



Clint Langley is a comic book artist best known for his work on series Slaine, ABC Warriors
and American Reaper, with  fellow ICE Brighton guest Pat Mills, for 2000AD and as the cover artist for Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy, Hawkeye, and Ghost Rider.

He has also produced art for Games workshops’ Warhammer universe, Radical Comics’
Hercules and collectable card art for Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft.


Artwork by Paul Pope

Ollie Masters is a Brighton based writer.

His work includes The Kitchen for Vertigo Comics, Snow Blind and Sons Of Anarchy: Redwood Original for BOOM! plus work on Wonderwoman for DC and the X-Men for Marvel.



Bob Molesworth  got his first comic job illustrating Star Wars Clone Wars comics for Titan UK. He then went on to work on Titan’s Star Wars comic followed by Star Wars Rebels and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Panini. He doesn’t really know how this happened, but is very happy that it did.

He is also the co-creator of two original graphic novels and illustrated Apequest the Professor Elemental comic and the artist and co-creator of the graphic novels Dinocorps and Endangered Weapon B which were hugely fun to make and hopes that they are just as much fun to read.



Tim Pilcher is a veteran of the comics industry and has been editor for many major publishers including Vertigo, Ilex and Humanoids. He is currently a partner at tindy publisher Soaring Penguin, who will be exhibiting at the expo.

This year he was nominated fro an Eisner Award along with Dave Gibbons for his work on the How to Draw Comics Book written and illustrated by the legendary Watchmen artist.


Comic Creator Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin has spent over thirty years in entertainment, performing in theatre, comedy, television and radio.  She is now a critically acclaimed comic creator and artist, and glad to be at ICE Brighton 2019!
As well as ’A Star Is Drawn’, you’ll be able to pick up her previous works (including comics ‘It Girl’ and ‘Vivacity’, and graphic novel ‘Elsie Harris Picture Palace’), and  her  memoir ‘Life Drawing – a life under lights’, which  achieved 100% crowdfunding and was published recently with Unbound!
Find out more about Jessica and ArtyMiss on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (search ‘ArtyMissPublishing’), or visit


Sheena 01-crop

After taking a degree in foreign languages, Maria Laura Sanapo decided to become a comic artist taking lessons from Marco Santucci, her mentor and husband. She worked for Valiant (Harbinger), Dynamite (Sheena, Grimm, Red Sonja, Charmed, Swords of Sorrow, Warlord of Mars), Audi Commercial, Titan Comics and Dreamworks (Penguins of Madagascar, Puss in Boots). She worked as cover artist for Zenescope (Grimm Fairy Tales, Deathforce, Grimm Tales of Terror) and interior artist for the acclaimed  DC Comics series ‘Bombshells’.

She worked for Dynamite as both cover and interior artist for the series Grimm and Charmed (from the omonymous TV shows) and as cover artist for Titan comics on the popular series Assassin’s Creed.

At the moment she’s working for Dynamite as cover and interior artist on the series ‘Sheena, Queen of the Jungle’ She loves music and opera and she performs in her free time. To know more about Maria’s projects follow her on facebook at MLSanapo Art, on Instagram: mlsanapo and on twitter: @MLSanapo


Harley Quinn_02

Marco Santucci,  was born in Arezzo in 1974 and he lives in Italy.

He started training himself in the world of professional comics at the age of 16.

In 1998 Marco started  his first big work in the Sergio Bonelli Editore on the  series, “Mister No”. For Sergio Bonelli Editore he also worked on series like Tex and Dampyr.

From 2008 to 2011 Marco worked for Marvel comics on “Secret Invasion: Spider-man” , “X-factor”, Siege: Spider-man and Captain America: forever allies miniseries as penciller and inker.

In 2011 he worked on a couple of French volumes of a series entitled “La Mandragore“, written Sylvain Cordurie.

Since then, he’s worked more for the American market and has worked with Titan Comics(cover artist for Assassin’s Creed and Tekken series), Dynamite (cover artist for SheenaRed Sonja and regular cover artist of the new Pathfinder series) and Upper Deck ( various projects featuring Marvel characters).

Most recently he’s worked for DC Comics with stunning art on issues of SupermanInjustice: Gods among us,  Injustice 2Justice League, Wonder Woman and Green Lanterns!



Rachael is a comic artist and writer based in the UK. She has created numerous, critically acclaimed comic books including House Party, Artificial Flowers, Wired Up Wrong, and The Rabbit, which was nominated for Best Book in the 2015 British Comic Awards, following her nomination for Emerging Talent the previous year.

Rachael has also worked on Titan’s Doctor Who Comic series, and is a regular contributor to Empathize This, a website which gives a platform to marginalised voices through the medium of comics. More info can be found at



Ram V is an award winning author and creator of comics & graphic novels such as Paradiso, These Savage Shores, Grafity’s Wall & Ruin of Thieves.

His short stories and comics Have appeared in several anthologies. His most recent work Includes Batman: Secret Files for DC Comics and Conspirator and Trouble-Maker at White Noise Studio.