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2017’s Featured Exhibitors

BcB_FishTank_ImageBrian ‘Clank’ Bennett is a comic book artist, electronic music producer and graphic novelist based on the sunny Sussex coast.

He is the creator behind the all ages comic and graphic novel sagas ‘Cogs & Claws’, ‘FishTank’ and ‘A Bridge Over Clouds’.

He also produces prints, greetings cards and work for various publishers and games companies. Find out more at http://www.aloftstudios.co.uk

1CROPDavid Broughton  has created his own  comics, such as Shaman Kane, Spectre Show with Shaun Avery and Martillo  with Greg Meldrum.  He has also drawn various comic strips for 2000AD  fanzines Zarjaz, Dogbreath, The Psychedelic  Journal of Time Travel, Job Dun Fat Assassin, Papercuts and Inkstains and other small press publications. Visit his blog for more information and illustrations at http://dbroughton.blogspot.co.uk/   email him at dbroughton@hotmail.co.uk  tweet to him on twitter at@DbroughtonDavid  FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008159144954 or visit his online comic shop at http://www.comicsy.co.uk/dbroughton/

GF logoThe Green Ferret is run by artist Melissa Delteil. Inspired by pop culture and daily life with her pet ferrets, she offers a variety of comics and art.

From humorous parodies of movies and series, to epic adventures in steampunk London, nothing will escape ferretisation… Other animals and a touch of fantasy and victoriana may be included!

The running series The Ferret Book will be available at ICE Brighton, as well as the very first volume of the brand new Adventures of Dr. Ferretson & Inspector Fudge.

DIGITAL CAMERAOne of ICE’s local creators, Kevin Gunstone is a Brighton-based comicbook writer. His latest series, Planet of Daemons, a tale of occult high adventure and mystery, published by Amigo Comics, has received a string of glowing reviews for its old school sensibilities. While 2016 saw the release of his imaginative and spectacular stonepunk epic, Future Primitive, in collaboration with the Serbian artist Slobodan Jovanovic.

Kevin is also a visiting lecturer on Cartoon and Comics Art degree course at Staffordshire University, and in the past has written series for both Marvel and Image Comics. He will be signing both Planet of Daemons and Future Primitive at Brighton ICE, so feel free to pop by and say “hello”!

Mandala Self-Portrait Web

Mike Medaglia is a comics artist, illustrator and Zen Buddhist. His work focuses on themes of spirituality, positivity and love.

He is the author of the One Year Wiser series published by SelfMadeHero.

He makes comics on mindfulness and modern life for the Huffington Post and the Elephant Journal.

curcuside1cropGrayham Puttock is a comics writer and artist based in Somerset. He is the creator of acclaimed mini series ‘Love & Ammunition’ and the 2016 graphic novel ‘Closely’.

This year at ICE Brighton he will be launching his most ambitious series yet, the horror/drama ‘Circuside’, a tale of clowns and skinheads, ghosts and acrobats, shot through with darker-than-dark humour and stunning black&white artwork.

For more information go to www.closelygraphicnovel.com or @GrayhamPuttock Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

LOGO (1)Red Fox ComixRichard J Smith at Red Fox Comix writes, draws, and self publishes comics mostly featuring his happy-go-lucky hobo character, Redmond J. Fox, currently featured on the weekly Red Fox webcomic (every Wednesday at Dummcomics.com). Two big collections of Red Fox comics have been released so far, ‘Borderline Adorable’ and ‘Destiny’s Chewtoy’.
Richard has a bunch of other characters such as Dino-Might the Luchasaur, Muck Trucker, and the parody superheroes Beef and Dweezil, but there are only so many hours in a day to make comics!

CAM SMITH-03-01-2017 at 11.19 #3crpCam Smith is a UK comic book artist.

He is mainly known for his inking work for Marvel and DC but he also produces full art. Cam has just finished a long run inking Amazing Spiderman and (having moved to the dark side) is currently working on Darth Vader for Marvel. He has previously worked on Uncanny X-Men, Superman, Hulk, Batman, the Fantastic Four, and many other characters. Cam is a solitary creature who spends his days in a book filled room maCAMSPIDEY FB copyking black marks on white paper. The idea that he can make a living from this activity is a constant source of bemusement. His only sadness being that the days seem so short and “if days were longer one could make even MORE black, inky, marks.” Someday, Cam hopes to venture outside, into the sunlight. But only in order to inspire more frantic, inky, scribbling…

tommytukeThomas Tuke is a Comic Artist and Illustrator based in South London. A graduate in Animation with an education in History and Arts, Thomas mixes Cartoony Appeal with Passionate storytelling, mostly taking shape within his paintings. He has regularly contributed to Various Zines and tours from London to Scotland, churning out art commissions along the way with Bigger Aspirations yet to come. Check out his website at: http://www.genmavisage.com


Flintlock is an ongoing adventure anthology series set in the Eighteenth Century, featuring tales of highway robbery, piracy, law-enforcers and more. Each story takes place at some point between 1701 and  1800 with all the characters co-existing in a shared timeline.  Critically acclaimed for its portrayal of genuinely diverse characters in a unique historical setting, Flintlock has been conceived by Steve Tanner who writes the stories, and the incredible talents of Anthony Summey, Lorenzo Nicoletta, David Morris, Caroline Parkinson and Ed Machiavello

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