The Name is Lobosco… Rapha Lobosco

Our latest exhibiting professional at ICE Brighton, Rapha Lobosco, is a Brazilian comic artist based in Dublin currently working as artist on 007 James Bond: Black Box with the writer Benjamin Percy and colourist Chris O’Halloran for Dynamite Comics.
Since 2015 Rapha Lobosco had his work published on a few indie comics in Ireland and UK such as Lightning Strike #7, Dave Hendrick’s ‘3’, Hugo Boylan’s Heavy Black, and the short comic Day Job which he wrote and draw.
He also worked as Inker on the 11th Doctor Who for Titan Comics.
Be sure to visit the artist’s table for sketches, commissions and signings.
Twitter: @raphalobosco

Numbskulls Abound at ICE Brighton

Jim and Eli at a recent convention

Jim Stewart (Numbskull Comix) will be one of many exhibitors featured at the ICE Summer Special in Brighton and over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring many more on this news page.

From Glasgow, Scotland, Jim is a self-taught artist and cartoonist who has been drawing commercially for over 20 years. Best known as the creator of underground superhero Ganjaman and as a founding co-creator of Northern Lightz; his comic strips are featured in Soft Secrets and have been translated into 8 languages.

Ganjaman is also being animated, with 4 shorts currently in the works.

Jim’s self-published editions of Ganjaman Presents feature not just his creative talents, but the writing of both veterans (Alan Grant and John Wagner, to name but a couple) and newcomers to the UG scene.


Also at the Numbskull table will be Eli Winter. Eli has been editing independent comics from a number of Scottish indie publishers for 5 years and also runs the Scottish Cartoonists’ Society.

Gman Presents

Gary Spencer Millidge to Attend ICE Brighton 2017

We are very happy to announce that our latest Attending Professional and exhibiting artist to confirm for ICE Brighton is the incredibly talented writer, artists and creator of legendary indy comic Strangehaven… Gary Spencer Millidge.

Born in East London in 1961, Millidge attended Southend Art School and was actively involved in UK comics fandom in the 1970s and 1980s.

He played in various rock bands but hung up his bass to concentrate on writing and illustrating his acclaimed and award-winning Strangehaven comic book series (self-published between 1995 and 2006). Millidge contributed to (and published) Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman and has worked for Bongo, Caliber and more recently has provided cover art for Titan Comics.


He’s written two how-to-draw books (in collaboration with James McKay) Draw Fantasy Figures and Draw Dragons, the coffee table tome Comic Book Design and the visual biography Alan Moore: Storyteller.

Strangehaven resumed serialisation in Soaring Penguin’s Meanwhile… anthology in 2014 and Millidge aims to finally complete the series in 2018.

Millidge resides in a big, dusty ol’ house in Leigh-on-Sea in the South East of England with the ghosts of his beloved dogs Billy and Babs




We are delighted to introduce you to our latest official Cosplayers at ICE Brighton.

Omega Cosplay will be bringing two beloved character to life at the expo in June and they have kindly shared the following profile and photographs with our visitors:

“My name is Erin but I’m also known as Omega cosplay. I am based in West Sussex and have been cosplaying since 2014 but in the last two years I’ve really been trying to develop my skills. I cosplay mostly Marvel characters but I have plenty more characters in the works from various anime, manga, movies and comics. I am well know for my Black Cat cosplay and my Boyfriend has a movie grade Spider-man suit to match.
 I am a die hard marvel fan and have been a lover of geeky things even when I was very young and use to watch shows like Thunderbirds and Mew Mew power. Then I discovered more animated shows like X-Men Evolution I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m working on becoming a graphic designer and illustrator and hopefully one day work for companies like Marvel and Disney/Pixar as a character designer. I also have a story in the works based off of the DC show Young Justice which I have been working on for almost 6 years, it is my dream to one day publish this story in the form of a graphic novel.
I suffer which depression and anxiety issues based on how I think others see me for the things I like and do but cosplaying has helped me so much these past years. Cosplay and going to conventions is a real confidence and self esteem booster for me. To me cosplaying is more than dressing up as a character, it’s about embodying characters which you connect to and relate to, using that connection to make you feel beautiful or brave or powerful or smart. Through cosplay I have been opened up to communities filled with amazing people and have learnt to love myself and my passions! A little saying I have is, I’m not weird my definition of normal is just different to others.
My partner in crime is Jasin, a music student also from West Sussex. Jasin plays the guitar and studies it at ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) in Guildford, he talent has allowed him to play at Download Festival as well along side Phil Campbell from Motorhead! I roped him into cosplaying and coming to conventions with me 2 years ago and he has really developed a love for it. He is a marvel fan but more specifically a Spider-man fan. He has owned almost 4 different Spider-man suits in the past 2 years! We like to match our cosplays with characters that go together in the comics e.g. Blackcat and Spider-man. Our next couple cosplay we have in the works is Elektra and Daredevil which we will hopefully be presenting at the ICE Comic Con!”

Legendary 2000ad Creator Pat Mills Graces ICE Brighton 2017


We are absolutely thrilled to now be able to announce the one and only Pat Mills as our latest guest to confirm for the ICE Summer Special this June.

Pat Mills, famed as ‘the Godfather of British comics’, started his freelance career writing stories for Valiant, The Spanker, Everlasting Love, Shandy and Laarf! He went on to create 2000AD, featuring Judge Dredd, and wrote many of its key stories such as Judge Dredd, Slaine and Nemesis the Warlock.

Iconic Slaine artwork by Simon Bisley

Subsequently, he co-created the anti-superhero character Marshal Law, with Kevin O’Neill, for Marvel Comics, and wrote the satirical French bestselling series Requiem Vampire Knight with art by Olivier Ledroit, now published by Editions Glenat.

Marshall Law the definitive anti hero – co created with Kevin O’Neill

His acclaimed anti-war series Charley’s War, with artist Joe Colquhoun, has been the subject of major exhibitions in French war museums. He was made an honorary professor by Liverpool University for his contribution to popular culture.

Details from Charley’s War Trade cover artwork by Joe Colquhoun

His series Accident Man, co-created with Tony Skinner, is currently being made into a film starring Scott Adkins (Lucian in Doctor Strange).

At the expo Pat will be promoting Serial Killer, book One in the Read Em and Weep black comedy thriller series by Pat & fellow legend Kevin O’Neill and giving an insightful talk about the new book.

mills_read-em-and-weep-1_3d-mockupHere’s some info on the new book:

The 1970s.

A dangerous time for kids. An even more dangerous time for the adults who wrong them.

Meet comic book editor Dave Maudling, the world’s laziest and most cowardly serial killer. Actually, he’s never killed anyone himself – yet.

Dave has been putting lethal information into his stories, hoping they will result in an early demise for his readers. But something unexpected and wonderful happens: the kids instead use the homicidal details that Dave provides to target their oppressors: abusive adults who believe they are above the law.

Meet Jean, Dave’s femme fatale mother.

She’s glamorous.

She’s dangerous.

She’s dead.

And she wants him to solve her murder.

It’s a lot of pressure to be under for a liquorice-pipe-chewing, failure-embracing man-child with a strange obsession with fur. Being blackmailed by a monster from his own childhood doesn’t help, either.

But curiously, despite casting himself as Villain in his life story, Dave is actually becoming something of a Hero.

Dave works round the corner from Fleet Street, at Fleetpit Publications, publishers of Britain’s most popular magazines. Working with him is girls’ comic editor Joy, a beautiful but foul-mouthed Glaswegian who doesn’t take any crap and is heroically pursuing her ambition to subvert the world of comics publishing. And fantasist Greg, Dave’s assistant editor, who likes to dress as his movie hero of the day and is only sleeping with Joy because he thinks her famous dad will help him get his novel published.

From Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD, featuring Judge Dredd, and Kevin O’Neill, award-winning artist-creator of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, comes a story of revenge for a lost childhood, of flawed and eccentric characters, strange passions and arrested development.

If you enjoy savagely funny novels such as Catch-22, The Life And Loves Of A She Devil and High Fidelity, you’ll love Serial Killer!

Serial Killer is the first book in a series of four novels about Dave Maudling and contains serious cliffhangers!

ICE Brighton Knocks It Out the Park With Another Top Overseas Guest Confirmed.


It’s exciting times here at ICE Central as we announce that Alessandro Vitti artist on titles like Red Lanterns, Doctor Who and – of course – ICEMAN (we resisted the obvious puns – well for now) will be flying in from Italy to join us for our Summer Special event this June.

Having been in the industry since 2001, Alessandro has worked with all major Italian, American and French publishers in the business.


He has illustrated italian comic books such as Brendon & Saguaro, for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

He has worked as interior artist on various popular books such as Capatain America & Hawkeye, Avenger Arena, Fear Itself: Homefront-New Warriors, Doctor Voodoo, Daken and many more for Marvel Comics and he is also is co-creator of Red Dread (Lateral Publish 2012), which is written by Matteo Strukul.


Probably the most important milestone  in his early career at Marvel was  his work with writer Jonathan Hickman on Secret Warriors, which really brought his unique style and excellent storytelling to the attention of the fans.

He also had an acclaimed run on Red Lanterns over at DC Comics working with writer Charles Soule which astonished critics and fans alike with it’s great characterisations and powerful art.


Alessandro has also worked with Pannini Comics on the mini-series of Gabriele Salvatore‘s movie, Il Ragazzo Invosible and  for Titan Comics with writer Cavan Scott on Doctor Who


More recently he completed  work on  Mini-series Suiciders: Kings of HelL.A., written by Lee Bermejo, for Vertigo. He is now interior artist on the new high profile ongoing Iceman series back at Marvel.We are naturally delighted to be able to bring such a great artist to Brighton and look forward to welcoming him to his first International Comic Expo.

Tank Girl and 2000ad Artist Rufus Dayglo Joins the ICE Summer Special Guest List


Rufus Dayglo was a guest at our very first show and we are very happy to be welcoming him back for this very special event in June.

Rufus is the artist that successfully relaunched Tank Girl alongside  creator Alan C. Martin, and  he is now working on a new Bad Company series for 2000ad.
As well as having just completed Last Gang in Town for DC Vertigo, Bad Company – First Casualties, and Counterfeit Girl with Peter Milligan for 2000ad, he is currently drawing two other projects to be released later this year!
As he is such a busy man we are incredibly grateful that he has made time to join us for ICE Brighton.

The ICE Summer Special Introduces First Official Cosplayer

The first ICE Brighton will have a very special flavour to it and this year we are throwing open our door to Cosplayers in a big way.

Now as our regular visitors will know ICE events are first and foremost about the medium of comic art and its creators and that will never change. However we also want this summer special event to be as much fun for all people of all ages and all interests as possible.


Therefore we have invited a selection of official cosplayers to come along and Brighton up the place 🙂

We are proud to introduce you to our first ICE Official Cosplayer Tiny Tigress who is a cosplayer based in Scotland, with her main cosplay interests being characters from comic books and video games.

She is mostly known for her Hit-Girl and Psylocke cosplays, but has cosplayed a number of characters. She is a massive Marvel and Nintendo fan, and as well as regularly collecting comics and playing games, writes for various comics and games websites with news, interviews and articles.

She is also a 3rd degree blackbelt in Aikido, as well as training in other martial arts such as Judo and Brazilian Ju Jitsu, so loves to cosplay strong characters that can incorporate that. Tiny got into cosplaying a few years ago when she made a Link costume, which was her first handmade outfit, for the Zelda Symphonic concert in London. Since they she found she got addicted to making costumes and has a never-ending list of cosplays to finish!


Would you like to become an ICE Official Cosplayer and be introduced on the website and help us bring the magic of comics to a larger audience? If so we’d love to hear from you so please drop us a line at with some photo’s of your latest cosplays.

Also Cosplayers who turn up as Marvel or DC heroes or villains can claim a £6.00 discount from the normal entry price via the website or on the door.



More Local Comics Talent Than You can Shake a Stick at!!


Here at ICE Brighton we are very proud to put the spotlight on the huge wealth of local comics talent featured within our star studded guest list this year.

Following on from our other local guest announcements we are delighted to confirm that renowned comic creators Hannah Berry and Joe Decie will be appearing at the expo.


Hannah Berry is a comics creator, writer, illustrator and podcaster and author of the freshly-published media satire Livestock. This is her third graphic novel with Jonathan Cape after Adamtine and Britten & Brülightly, which was translated into four different languages and chosen as part of the official selection at Angoulême in 2010. She does a weekly cartoon strip for the New Statesman, worked on a section of the collaborative dystopian graphic novel IDP:2043 with Pat Mills, and is one half of the podcast No YOU Hang Up. She has taken part in festivals and exhibitions around the world and has produced comics for numerous publications including, most recently, 2000AD.

Here’s what some people you may have heard of said about Hannah’s new book  “Livestock” published by Johnathan Cape:

livestock-cover“As sharp and scathing as The Thick Of It, Hannah Berry’s third graphic novel takes a savage axe to the rot at the corporatised, spin-doctored, amoral heart of British democracy. The result is stunning, gripping and terrifyingly truthful. It is also very, very funny.” – Neel Mukherjee

“Engaging and timely, a rich brew of celebrity, menace, media-spin and human cloning.” – Posy Simmonds

“Uneducated, pliant, easy to control – that’s how our rulers want us. But in Hannah Berry’s dark tale of celebrity and corporate greed, the people have other ideas. A parable for the Trump era.” – Paul Mason

“A savage and satirical read.” – Pat Mills

“As sharp as Taylor Swift’s marketing team, Berry slices through the info-celeb news nexus. Bloody funny, incredibly astute.” – Denise Mina


Our next Brighton local, Joe Decie, has been drawing comics and sharing them on the internet since the 15th of January 2008. Both his books The Accidental Salad and The Listening Agent were nominated for Best Comic at British Comic Awards. He’s worked in the US with Retrofit and Hic And Hoc, and in France for Editions Delcourt’s anthology Papier. His new graphic novel Collecting Sticks is published by Jonathan Cape.”
Collecting Sticks is a graphic novel about a family glamping trip. (It’s like camping, but much more expensive.) Loosely based on actual events, but sometimes veering unexpectedly into fantasy, the story plays with the challenges nature presents to city folk as they forage for berries, get stuck up a tree, make perilous encounters with stinging wildlife, compete to build the best fire and discover the importance of finding good sticks. Also, it rains. It’s about the human desire to get back to nature. Or to return to childhood and hit things with sticks.


Artist and TV Host Des Taylor Joins the Brighton Guest List for ICE 2017


Des Taylor, is an English pop art and comic book illustrator from London, England. He is a rising star in the world of Pop Culture creating cover art for DC Bombshells , Dr Who, Archie comics,Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition, as well as his creator-owned comic books Scarlett Couture, The Vesha Valentine Story, The Trouble With Katie Rogers and his latest project- The Blue Lotus Adventures.

DC Fancast 23/05/16

His recent appointment as Co-Host to SKY’s (UK), Official DC Fan show, ensures he continues to be at the forefront of cool to an ever growing audience and we are delighted to be welcoming along as our guest for ICE Brighton 2017.

Des likes most things from yester-year and has a passion for Vintage Comics, Pin-Up Art and POP art, thus calling his art form COMIC POP!


A major fan of  the DC Trinity – Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Star Trek and Star Wars…. his only hate is Arsenal Football Club.