Latest Official ICE 2017 Cosplayer Announced


ICE Brighton welcomes our third official Cosplayer in the form of Onyxeia for our Summer Special Event next month.

“Hey, my name is Leanne and I am a cosplayer and model by the name of Onyxeia. I am from Chichester, West Sussex! I have always been into video games, comics and especially dressing up.

Black Cat Leanne - 25

After visiting my first convention when I was young, I saw some people dressed up as my favourite characters from a TV show and since then I was hooked on cosplay. I have now been modelling and cosplaying properly for 2 years, I have cosplayed many characters such as Marvel’s Black Cat, Nidalee from League of Legends, Metroid’s Samus Aran and  a few from World of Warcraft, my favourite franchise.


I have guested at many local cons and really enjoy meeting new people and other cosplayers. I hand make most of my cosplays as I’ve always been artistic and find huge satisfaction from wearing something I’ve made from scratch. I’d love to one day be cosplaying professionally, but I’m currently training in my dream job to be a tattoo artist.

I am an apprentice at The Electric Lady in my home town Chichester and hope to one day be doing nerdy and fantasy tattoos as well as makin cosplays in my free time. I’m looking forward to improving my making skills with each and every cosplay I make.”

Onyxeia joins a great team of official cosplayers at the event and if you want to join them at the expo this year you can even claim a cosplayers discount providing you cosplay as a comic character from Marvel, DC Comics or other well known comics publishers.

Book your tickets now before they sell out at: Advanced Tickets Booking Portal



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