Vampirella Artist Brox Up Last Minute

BROXPhoto on 09-02-2016 at 16

Here at ICE Central we are absolutely delighted to announce the late confirmation of mysterious and controversial comic artist Jimmy Broxton as a late special guest for the Summer Special.


This year he wowed fans with is his bold new look for Vampirella, breathing new life into the character and bringing new readers too. In fact many of us hear at ICE central were among those new readers, so you can only imagine our delight when the artist confirmed last week.

Vampi2017-000-012 lo rescrop

The artist and designer has also worked for DC, IDW, Jet City Comics, Cryptozoic, Dark Horse, Paper Films and Rebellion where he produced the ground breaking book “Goldtiger” an account of the creation of the lost 60s classic newspaper strip of the same name, co-authored by Guy Adams.

He has been nominated for two Hugo Awards, and surprisingly received no calls for a boycott, unsurprisingly he received no awards either but that’s ok because we love him and so do his cats.

Vampy #3 cover final colour half tone lo res crop


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