Numbskulls Abound at ICE Brighton

Jim and Eli at a recent convention

Jim Stewart (Numbskull Comix) will be one of many exhibitors featured at the ICE Summer Special in Brighton and over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring many more on this news page.

From Glasgow, Scotland, Jim is a self-taught artist and cartoonist who has been drawing commercially for over 20 years. Best known as the creator of underground superhero Ganjaman and as a founding co-creator of Northern Lightz; his comic strips are featured in Soft Secrets and have been translated into 8 languages.

Ganjaman is also being animated, with 4 shorts currently in the works.

Jim’s self-published editions of Ganjaman Presents feature not just his creative talents, but the writing of both veterans (Alan Grant and John Wagner, to name but a couple) and newcomers to the UG scene.


Also at the Numbskull table will be Eli Winter. Eli has been editing independent comics from a number of Scottish indie publishers for 5 years and also runs the Scottish Cartoonists’ Society.

Gman Presents


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