Daredevil and Batman Colour Artist Matt Hollingsworth Confirms for ICE 2017

Here atmatt_makarska_2012_540 ICE Central we are thrilled to finally be able to welcome back one of our favourite guests to our summer spectacular event in Brighton: Renowned colour artist Matt Hollingsworth will be flying in from Croatia to take part in what promises to be one amazing event.

Matt Hollingsworth is an American colour artist who’s, a career which began in 1991. He’s worked for most of the larger comics publishers in the United States over the years but has worked mostly for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Vertigo, Dark Horse and Image.

Beautiful work from “Seven to Eternity” by Rick Remender and  Jerome Opena

Over the years, he’s worked on Preacher, Wytches, Hawkeye, Death:  The Time of Your Life, Daredevil, Hellboy, Catwoman, The Wake, The Filth, Thor, Punisher, Wolverine, Chrononauts, Suiciders, We Stand on Guard and many, many more comics.

Currently his award winning and critically acclaimed work can be seen on Tokyo Ghost, Seven to Eternity  both for Image Comics and the high profile All Star Batman for DC Comics. This however is just the tip of the iceberg for Matt and you can see a fuller list of the comics he’s worked via the biography on his website at: http://matthollingsworth.com

From 2004-2006 he took a break from comics to go work on visual effects in Los Angeles, working on 7 films including Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Surf’s Up, Serenity and Superman Returns at Stan Winston Digital, Rhythm and Hues and Sony Pictures Imageworks.  He worked mostly as a texture painter but also did some lighting and effects animation.

Tokyo Ghost, created by Rick Remender and Sean Murphy

In 2006, he returned to comics work with the series The Eternals with Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr., quickly followed by a return to Daredevil, which he’d  had to leave when he started working on movies.  That same year, he left Santa Monica and moved to Croatia and has lived here ever since.  He live’s in a small town called Samobor with his lovely wife Branka,  amazing son Liam and his “annoying” cat Jusu.

Stunning colour work over the incredible art of Jock from the Scott Snyder written Wytches from Image Comics

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