The “British Stan Lee” Dez Skinn Confirmed for ICE Brighton


Multi Guinness World Record-winning magazine creator: Dez Skinn, often hailed as the British Stan Lee to his followers due to his incredible contribution to the British comic scene for decades, is the latest confirmed guest for ICE Brighton.

Dez is  a multi award wining magazine publisher and editor, who’s title credits include MAD Magazine, Star Wars Weekly, Doctor Who Weekly, House of Hammer, Starburst, The Buster Book of Spooky Stories, Monster Mag, Hulk Comic, Warrior and the legendary comic industry trade paper Comics International.

For an entire generation Dez was responsible for bringing the magic of comics into the lives of readers and Comics International was an essential read for any self respecting comic fan before the days of the internet news sites. Fans, retailers and professionals a like would rely on the monthly insights, news and comment the magazine offered up.

Dez was also an early supporter of what has now become the huge British indie comic scene. He allowed free adds for small pressers in the classified adds of his publications and was always happy to give advise to any one serious about publishing in the comic industry.

ICE organiser Shane Chebsey fondly remembers receiving such advice before launching his first self published comics and it’s possible this very convention may not exist if not for the support and inspiration received from Mr Skinn in the 90s when the idea of creating a new comic convention in Birmingham to accompany UKCAK  on the convention calendar was just a pipe dream.

We are thrilled that Dez will be joining us for the first ICE in his hometown of Brighton and delighted to announce he will be taking part in special panel on British Comics past, present and future along with other guests at the expo.


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