Italian Legend Tanino Liberatore Confirms for ICE Brighton

Bringing a truly international feel to the new event ICE Brighton is exceptionally proud to announce that the legendary Ranxerox artist Tanino Liberatore will be making a very rare UK appearance at the expo in June.

Born in Quadri (province of Chieti), Liberatore went to high school in Pescara where he met comic artist Andrea Pazienza. He later finished his architectural studies at the University of Rome. From 1974 to 1978, he designed record covers for RCA and during this period also produced the now classic cover to Savage Sword of Conan #97 for Marvel.

ranxerox1 In 1978 he met Stefano Tamburini and published his first work in Tamburini’s famaous comics magazine Cannibale. In 1978 RanXerox was born, an ultra strong punk cyborg created by Tamburini. Several stand alone hardcover albums ensued, translated into several languages.

Liberatore’s work has also been republished in several international comics magazines including  Métal Hurlant, A Suivre, L’Écho des savanes, and Chic.


The cover of Frank Zappa‘s The Man from Utopia album features an illustration by the artist, showing Zappa as RanXerox. In 1984 he drew the album cover for the New York City based ska band, The Toasters first 7-inch release, Beat Up.

During this time he also created original commisioned pieces of art work for Toasters frontman Robert “Bucket” Hingley.

In 1996 he worked on Batman Black and White #3 for DC Comics.


He has also done art direction for various films.


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